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We specialize in roof repair and replacement for a variety of roofing systems.

Superior Skylights & Roofing Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

IMG_4296Superior Skylights and Roofing Dallas Fort Worth’s roof repair or replacement expert since 2010. We specialize in many types of roofing systems available including: asphalt shingled roofs, metal roofs, clay tile roofs, and slate roofs. We can also handle almost any repair situation and offer low cost general upkeep and maintenance packages for your roof. We have installed over 2,000 roofs in the Dallas Fort Worth area to date and offer one of the best warranties out there, a 10 year no worry guarantee. We stand behind our roofing systems 100 percent. We also offer free claims assistance, helping you get through the insurance claims process with minimal frustration and make sure your claim is managed fairly and no damage to your property is over looked. We understand the process and know how to get you through your claim with no headaches and at no additional charge. We can repair or replace fencing, gutters, siding, windows, decks, or any other damage related to an insurance claim for your home. Call us today with any questions or a Free Inspection.

Many people don’t give much thought to their roof because we don’t see it while in the home, yet it is a vital part of your home and its structural integrity. your home is an investment you must protect. We should all strive to practice better financial decisions and give focus to conservation of energy and resources. Superior Skylights & Roofing can assist in helping you understanding how your roofing, skylights and other roof accessories like ventilation can help save you money by reducing utility consumption, earning you federal tax credits and rebates, and even lower insurance premiums.

There are many roofing systems available for replacement with a variety of materials and styles. We can help you determine the best materials use for your roof with the best manufacturers warranty, and work within your budget to get you the best quality available. Providing an affordable new roof thats looks great, helps reduce your carbon footprint and provides your family with a safe, durable and long lasting roofing system is our goal. Superior Skylights and Roofing uses only the highest quality materials and offers a variety of products from leading manufacturers.

Asphalt Shingles in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Asphalt or composite shingles is the most common type of residential roofing material installed in Texas, and typically the most affordable type of roofing system. Price is determined by the slope or steepness, height of the roof, ease of access, complexity, and the brand,quality, and warranty of the shingles used in the installation.

Coming in a variety of colors and styles, we can help you pick a shingle that will give your home great curb appeal. Another benefit is of this type of roofing system can be easily be maintained and repaired if needed. If you are considering an asphalt roof for your home give us a call today. Let Superior Skylights and Roofing show you all of your available options with a free consultation.

Roofing in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas
Superior Skylights & Roofing in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems today come in a variety of different styles, metal shingles, metal tiles or traditional panels. Standing seam panels are the most Common type. The two types of these systems found in residential applications are concealed fastener systems and exposed fastener systems. Exposed fastener systems cost less than the concealed fastener systems.

Metal Roofing is strong yet light-weight, it requires minimal maintenance of the years, it is extremely durable, and energy efficient, and It typically has a longer life than most other roofing products. A wide variety of color options and styles are available to choose from so you can pick an ascetically appealing system that will add real value to your home. Superior Skylights and Roofing can help you choose a metal roofing system that is right for you.

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Clay Tile

Clay tile roofs are very appealing to many people. They can give a home a very unique and timeless feel. Some advantages of clay tile roofing systems are that they usually provide a very long life. They require low-maintenance over time, there is a benefit of fire protection. Tile roofs are highly resistant to rotting and damage, and they help with ventilation. Tile is a very heavy material and many homes that have a tile roof were designed in a way that was meant to support a heavier roofing system.

If you didn’t have a tile roof before and you are interested in upgrading to one, your structure will need to be evaluated to determine if it can adequately support this type of roofing system. Clay tile roofing is an expensive material and usually equally costly to install but it has its benefits and provides an aesthetic pleasing and luxurious appearance to may home owners that out weighs the cost. with the durability and long life span this roofing system is a good long term option. Superior Skylights and Roofing can help determine if a Clay tile roof is right for you.

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is a more modern roofing system and could be considered one of the best types of roofing systems out there, but also one of the most expensive. Slate roofing is either made from actual rock sources and manufactured to resemble roofing shingles or a composite material made to resemble slate. It gives a higher end home a natural and distinctive look. It is Long lasting, fireproof, and very low-maintenance.

A slate roof can last 75 to 150 years, or possibly even longer. Like clay tile, slate is heavy and fragile, so ask one of our experts if slate is the right choice for your home.


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